Here is a short list of faithful and reliable friends (models, artists, art professionals...) who contribute month after month to make my visions turn into photographs > Just click onto the picture to display their mini-bio. 

Nico Courtois (model)
38 y.o. Security manager at the Court of Justice in Mons (Belgium). Kickboxer. Shots : "The Battle of San Romano", 2018 ; "Jacob wrestling with the Angel", 2018.
Alexandre Dehu (model)
20 y.o. Security officer (Belgium). Bodybuilding competition winner. Shots : "The Battle of San Romano", 2018 ; "The Descent of Christ into Hell", 2018 ; "Jacob wrestling with the Angel", 2018 ; "Judith and Holofernes", 2018
Tegan Pick (model)
Artist sculptor. Jewellery designer. Shots : "Judith and Holofernes", 2018. Instagram : @tegan.pick
Claudio Abayuba Godoy (model)
31 y.o. Social worker and family therapist. Practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Shot : "The Battle of San Romano", 2018.
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The Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Paper which I use for my luxury printings. Notice its unique veined texture.